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Always Make YBS Your Choice

  • Data Security:
    • YBS prioritizes top-tier security in Transaction Routing and switching.
    • Strict adherence to PCI-DSS Compliance ensures robust cardholder protection.
  • Business Development: Our expertise in response mapping underpins Business Development excellence.
  • ISO Bit Message Support: YBS ensures uniform interactions between financial institutions with ISO Bit Message Support in Transaction Mapping.
  • Transaction Authorization: Swift offerings and reliable fund verification characterize YBS's Transaction Authorization process.
  • Transaction Clearing: Our system handles obligations in Transaction Clearing, guaranteeing precise transfers for seamless transactions.
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Our one-stop, centralized solution for debit- and credit card processing is cost-effective, easily configurable and scalable to suit your business needs and cardholder demands. We have invested in an ecosystem to support the full card-issuing product life cycle, enabling you to launch products quickly, so, that will drive you to witness explosive growth in your business We process private labels and all major scheme cards.

  • Debit Cards: YBS utilizes EMV and contactless/NFC technology, seamlessly integrated with the bank's core system.
  • Credit Cards: YBS offers customizable credit cards with preset limits, allowing for multiple supplementary cards linked to a primary account. Flexibility in limit adjustments based on account groups is provided.
  • Prepaid Cards: An accessible solution for payments. YBS offers a range of prepaid options for various demographics, banked or not. This includes Virtual cards issuance to help you diverse your line of products to meet all customer's needs.
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Card Personalization

Employing a secure process with PCI CP Compliance ensures robust data protection measures. The implementation of EMV-CO Standards further enhances card security, contributing to a fortified payment ecosystem. Additionally, the adoption of ready-to-issue personalized payment cards streamlines the issuance process while maintaining security standards. To safeguard confidential information, the use of secure PIN mailers guarantees a protected channel for delivering sensitive codes, reinforcing the overall security framework.

  • Secure process and PCI CP Compliance for data protection.
  • EMV-CO Standards for enhanced card security.
  • Ready-to-issue personalized payment cards.
  • Confidential PIN mailers for secure code delivery.
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International schemes Sponsorship for Banks and Financial institutions

YBS is a principal member of Mastercard International (“Mastercard”), a principal member of VISA International Inc. (“Visa”). Providing affiliate and associate license sponsorships for banks and Financial institutions.

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Clearing & Settlement

In recent years, significant strides have been taken to enhance the payment, clearing, and settlement processes, aligning them with international standards. YBS remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing these critical elements for the growth and evolution of the banking sector and financial services

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