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Prepaid Card Issuing
Prepaid cards are more popular than ever before. They are becoming an established and fast-growing segment of the overall payments environment. Growth has been driven primarily by consumer payment applications such as gift cards, money transfers and general-purpose cards targeting the unbanked and under banked population. As the prepaid market continues to flourish, so will the types of products and services made available to consumers and businesses. With the popularity and growth of prepaid cards, it is imperative that financial services organizations have a superior end-to-end solution that is highly flexible and can quickly adapt to new market requirements. YBS Integrated Prepaid Solution can help you do just that.
Debit Card Issuing and ATM Driving
Our clients can Provide their customers with freedom from cash and cheques and stay competitive in the banking industry by incorporating ATM and debit cards into their service offerings. YBS provides a full solution for ATM Acquiring, including ATM driving and interfacing with the ATM YBS platform to enable clients’ ATMs to accept other banks cards.
Merchant and POS/POC Management
A comprehensive suit of POS/POC services with friendly colored screen with all payment services.
POS/POC Features:

• Support contact/contactless cards.
• Support local and International cards.
• Support IQD and USD.
• Extra services (Tip, Manual entry, etc.)
• High security machine.
• POC – Salary domiciliation.
• Flexible integration with cashier.
• Daily settlement with merchant account.
• Monthly settlement report.
EMV Card Support
The risks and adverse consequences of global fraud are the leading factors in moving the market toward EMV® chip solutions. YBS can help you implement an EMV Chip Solution that boasts superior security with triple protection against fraud for issuing, acquiring and managing chip cards. With YBSs solution you will significantly minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions and other deceitful securitybreach activities in addition to reducing your risk of liability and providing greater convenience and ease of use for your customers. Designed with our powerful and flexible (ITM) platform transactionprocessing suite, our EMV Chip Solutions provide triple protection against fraud through the built-in security of chip technology, compliance with EMV industry standards and an added layer of security services via our payments hub architecture.
Payment Gateway
Provides merchants who provide their services on the internet with an electronic payment gateway, that allows local and international cardholders to pay electronically through computers, smart phones, and tablets.
Optimized payment gateway solution to expand business opportunities.

Payment Gateway Features:

YBS PG accepts local and international / Global cards.
Support fraud checker to secure the cardholder.
Provide daily settlement reports to the merchant.