Yana Banking Services has swiftly improved to become one of the leading payment service providers, presenting our clients with advanced payment technology and professional services, YBS offers a complete solution for electronic payment business dimensions serving the financial, government and merchant communities across the country, and YBS is licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq to process and manage any card (debit, credit card, pre-paid) transaction, issuing and acquiring. WE ARE YANA Banking Service


  • Driven by customer-success business mentality.
  • Value our employees.
  • Encourage progress and development in our community.
  • Capitalize on business results.
  • Leverage local expertise with support of international knowledge.
  • Exceed our customers expectations.
  • Improved solutions with value added services.
  • World class strategy for customer satisfaction.

Our main mission comprises of helping the banking industry grow to its potential in the region. Helping businesses innovate and grow by assisting them with unique payment solutions. Helping the industry to realize the untapped opportunities of e-commerce and internet banking potentials. We strive to contribute to the success of our customers, namely Banks and Companies. To be the pioneer for introducing of payment products and services industry as an alternative to cash in our society. To sustain and combine its leadership in the payments sector in terms of volumes, advancement, superiority and competence. Compliment the industry and meeting the businesses and customers needs. Facilitate the electronic payment needs for the financial industry in a cost effective and competent manner. Become the leading fully integrated one-stop shop products, services and solution provider for the Banks and Merchants for provision of a secure and fast payment solutions in Iraq and Kurdistan Region. We mission is to be the pioneer of the payment processing industry throughout the region, by affiliating with Banks, merchants and public sector bodies to provide ground-breaking payments solutions via the provision of seamless, safe and reliable electronic payments methods. We strive to be our prospective clients or partner of choice in any electronic payment solution. Additionally, we endeavor be the first and best reliable choice in any ATM related solution throughout the region. Last but not least, we exert to be the best secure choice in any POS related solution in the region.


Our team has extensive experience in the technology and financial services industry. We are a diverse group composed of experts and well experienced staff that are professionally trained and innovative. With a global perspective and a wealth of competencies, our staff are well prepared with knowledge of how to provide electronic payment services effectively and efficiently to the targeted consumers. To ensure that our team deliver the best services, we have a series of talent development retention programs to certify a strong and sustainable workforce


We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing solutions that respond to their specific demands by working closely with key industry participants to meet current and future expectations.